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Prismatic gel polish 0.14 fl oz



Mesmerizing holographic effect with a mesmerizing prismatic finish!

Flexible, soak-off. When exposed to light, nails made with Prismatic CrystaLacs glitter with a holographic shine boasting all the colors of the rainbow! Apply it in between two layers of flexible top gels. Apply it onto a dry, shiny base coat. When applying CrystaLacs onto natural nails, use 0/Clear ONE STEP CrystaLac or Super Shine Optic as a base and top coat. Prismatic CrystaLac can be applied onto gel and acrylic nail enhancements using a top gel such as Top Shine Xtreme, Top Seal, or Top Seal Light. Apply top gel onto the filed and buffed nail, apply two layers of Prismatic CrystaLac, then seal it off with the same top gel you used for the base coat. When using the Easy Off Hardener Gel nail strengthening technique, apply Prismatic CrystaLac onto the cleansed Easy Top Off Gel, then seal it off with Easy Top Off Gel. (3 Step CrystaLac)

Pro tip: For quicker results, use a non-cleansing top gel. When using a cleansing top gel, make sure you cleanse it throroughly before applying Prismatic CrystaLac.

Pro tip: Strengthen weak natural nails with Easy Off Hardener Gel before applying Prismatic CrystaLac.

Pro tip: To extend Prismatic CrystaLac’s durability, apply two layers of top gel.

Pro tip: Always shake the bottle prior to use!

Additional information on Prismatic CrystaLac:

Do not use it with Top Shine Gel, as it is non-flexible.

Prismatic CrystaLac dries when exposed to air. Although it has the same qualities – viscosity, odor – as Chro°Me CrystaLac, it is much more durable, and can be applied in a thicker layer. Important note: before applying a top coat, make sure it’s perfectly dry.

Its astonishing prismatic effect is not visible on a sticky surface. It is also not visible immediately after application, you have to wait until it dries. The prismatic effect is at its most spectacular in natural light and in soft lamp light.

Easy to soak off. Takes 8-10 minutes, base and top coats separate quickly.

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